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JPEG Image - 684.9 KB - MD5: 81b1218a43ef70ea8299089df2d2ce95
Surat kesediaan open access
JPEG Image - 1.1 MB - MD5: 7977b3b625276d01841c5c101ca14e03
Rumah Gadang Suku Patopang Kutianyir Nagari Palangki, Kecamatan IV Nagari, Kabupaten Sijunjung, Sumatera Barat
JPEG Image - 16.0 MB - MD5: b179c5f699bc469cb038ac6c6794f173
Terlampir peta area kajian kegiatan TRIUMPH 2018 (High Res)
PNG Image - 32.9 KB - MD5: 17df6867ff1805fc4cc6e00a9a2a09c8
Data analisis outer model tahap 2 dalam format .png, dapat digunakan menggunakan image viewer
PNG Image - 34.2 KB - MD5: 924492420e5a85d746c8ab33e63b63c8
Data analisis outer model tahap 1 dalam format .png, dapat digunakan menggunakan image viewer
JPEG Image - 2.2 MB - MD5: 070c81d615f9e8e1eb3ebe094ed2f1a1
Infografis Nilai Penting Karst Gunungsewu
JPEG Image - 979.2 KB - MD5: faca52de68bffec2833e6935fcefd85d
The profile of Luweng Serpeng, the deepest cave lake in Gunungsewu Kars
JPEG Image - 12.0 MB - MD5: 614790e5464dd0b1f9cf71aa2b5752fc
The endemic cave crab of Gunungsewu Karst
PNG Image - 32.7 KB - MD5: dccde6e989fb79cb8d91918f464fde55
Data analisis inner model dalam format .png, dapat digunakan menggunakan image viewer
Aug 24, 2020 - BIMA20_Bad
JPEG Image - 4.3 MB - MD5: b8d4f20cca5556b9fe7cbdc405ac6359
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