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Tab-Delimited - 2.4 KB - MD5: e55a09b8da70a2d7eabdb60a5b2fbfe5
Data morfologi pertumbuhan koloni jamur Trichoderma harzianum pada beberapa media selama 2 minggu
Tab-Delimited - 1.3 KB - MD5: ce39bba675d66e77244657ea29cbc026
Dataexcelloffice 2016
This data is the growth of Kayu Kuku (Pericopsis mooniana Thw.) plants using ex-mining media. Type file: excell.
Tab-Delimited - 987 B - MD5: e528f1ca5376217f3c6cb041888653f4
Species list, origin of plant collection and plant distribution of Dillenia collection in Purwodadi Botanic Garden.
Tab-Delimited - 1.0 KB - MD5: 8cfbe5774432bb59c0c56f240ffa505d
The value of DBH, biomass, per plant and per ha carbon stocks of 10 species of Dillenia in Purwodadi Botanic Garden.
Tab-Delimited - 869 B - MD5: 81cd042724093fff7bac0bc2c7cb8a5e
Comparison between per plant and per Ha carbon storage of Dillenia with those of other plant groups and early stage secondary forest.
Tab-Delimited - 377 B - MD5: f9e14604b1caae008850b5674098ccc0
Tabel 1. Jumlah jenis ikan pada masing-masing lokasi berdasarkan kedalaman pada bulan Nopember dan Desember 2007
Tab-Delimited - 252 B - MD5: c1c4482aa4c213486ebb2c1c9e4e274c
Tabel 2. Jumlah jenis dari ikan-ikan indikator, ikan target dan ikan-ikan lainnya, di perairan pesisir Biak Timur.
Tab-Delimited - 518 B - MD5: b807c47a4d3523440bb22f4635f9f8c2
Tabel 4. Elemen Peran Pemerintah dalam Pengembangan Model Pengelolaan Danau Sentani
Tab-Delimited - 495 B - MD5: 712723a84f76dbae471f26fc971bd83b
Tabel 2. Parameter Kualitas Air Metoda / Alat yang digunakan (APHA 1989)
Tab-Delimited - 772 B - MD5: 58cc3b600054f9e5b047752246ceef95
Tabel 2. Produktivitas Primer di Estuari Sungai Cisadane Selama Penelitian
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