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PNG Image - 110.7 KB - MD5: cdfd838dc1d21f66c7cf8d9bd0628da0
Single parsimonious tree based on ITS nrDNA sequence data representing placement of Cercospora christellae within representatives of the family Mycosphaerellaceae. The tree is obtained from heuristic search with 1000 random taxon addition of the sequences alignment. Bootstrap...
JPEG Image - 87.0 KB - MD5: be59deb5b84c003e587f353c1684033c
Gambar 4 Stadia perkembangan trips : (a) telur subordo Terebrantia (Sumber : Driesche 2013); (b) telur subordo Tubulifera (Sumber: ICAR-NBAIR 2013); (c) stadia larva dan (d) stadia pupa (Sumber: Cheung et al. 2016)
JPEG Image - 27.1 KB - MD5: 0a8ed431810e694e1eec8a53085a75e6
Gambar 2 Karakter morfologi trips: subordo Tubulifera (a) imago betina, (b) sayap, (c) ujung abdomen; subordo Terebrantia (c) imago betina, (d) sayap, (e) ujung abdomen (foto: Vani N.O. Subagyo)
JPEG Image - 30.0 KB - MD5: 76e814d28bff67a99eca363696dec0f5
Gambar 1 Karakter morfologi trips: (a) antena; (b) oseli; (c) alat mulut (foto: Vani N.O. Subagyo)
JPEG Image - 36.3 KB - MD5: 1bb03bfea8e3dd3b778425f21a0b8ea7
Gambar 3. Karakter morfologi untuk identifikasi trips panjang seta pada oseli juga menjadi karakter yang sering diperhatikan (Mound, 2006; Subagyo, et al., 2015). (Subagyo et al. 2015)
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