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PNG Image - 35.5 KB - MD5: 43ded80e6f6929d4409554e8f56f621e
Two decadal of multi-temporal various Landsat satellite images use in this study.
MS Excel (XLSX) - 10.4 KB - MD5: cef8657b7c716e129a22eb9199acf0e1
Table1. Total spores of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) obtained from rhizospheres and pot cultures with as the host bisbul
JPEG Image - 161.1 KB - MD5: 5d0292c3f5358412d4f5f202fd8ea67c
Table 1. Numbers of base substitutions and sequence divergence values between the Draco cristatellus holotype and 14 exemplars representing the D.fimbriatus group. Base pair differences between the Draco cristatellus holotype and each of 14 D.fimbriatus group samples for six mito...
JPEG Image - 30.4 KB - MD5: 722da5ccc3ba3459b1de7db97651d978
TABLE1. Crystal structure and parameters of FeSe sample
PNG Image - 85.3 KB - MD5: 3abea91c4408a112d6102eaec3de489a
Comparison of fiber quality between S. amazonicumbranch-wood and P. falcatariaNielsenwood
PNG Image - 58.9 KB - MD5: ae21493a65bf9bedc9d472b28ad67d34
Area of each land use (LU) in 1902 and 1976, and LU change between 1976 and 1902.
JPEG Image - 77.6 KB - MD5: 18b7816c9fe2a7359f8b6c70682408a9
Table1 The partial purification of 𝛽-galactosidase from L. plantarum B 123
JPEG Image - 89.1 KB - MD5: 3fddf513331389b66ee8bc09c68b74db
Table. 1 Proportional measurements of type specimens of Synodus nigrotaeniatus, n. sp. as percentages of the standard length.
MS Excel (XLSX) - 9.4 KB - MD5: c9f672c0e8e06a819e9150be15ab0e2d
Table-1. Treatments on five different feed diets for each pen
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