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Tab-Delimited - 337 B - MD5: 67f76f2a4ea3b21df585025b1980e8ce
Table 4. Statistical simulation of BLAST sequence homology of unidentified specimens with rbcL region
Tab-Delimited - 148 B - MD5: 703798759f22ab1075a3e7a37f97eb48
TStatistical Information of in situ data
Tab-Delimited - 293 B - MD5: 736e6a2fa690a598d4ee67ad944befb3
Sediment toxic level of several lakes in distinct watershed types (Classified based on data of Suryono et al, 2011)
Tab-Delimited - 372 B - MD5: 1d7ceb764b8997af0747af1d4af8afdf
Table 4. Population and viability of bacteria in maize starch carrier.
Tab-Delimited - 2.0 KB - MD5: 4ded0b8730a374dc6fd22bb3f5e2e953
Phytoplankton abundance counted according to water depth (surface, Secchi depth and maximum depth) at each station in August 2005.
Tab-Delimited - 536 B - MD5: ac99d4155f4fd6f98d540edd0de4f91d
Nutmeg seed oil fractionation functional group prediction
Tab-Delimited - 376 B - MD5: 0fced7a3e541be56968bb939f1b468a1
Table 4. Measurements of Cardiodactylus floresiensis n. sp
Tab-Delimited - 708 B - MD5: b4936cffd6e02a140627ce85e0c02072
Table 4. Mean value of NMDS 1 and 2 in each habitat type and year
Tab-Delimited - 155 B - MD5: 023154e08be3323e7b6864ce86cc9044
Linear regression of linear growth (y) of averaged colonies and SST (confidence level 95% for all regression) for the period 1992-2011.
Tab-Delimited - 417 B - MD5: 596a0da4c021664403751ae8bf8362a6
Frequency (F), Density (D/ha) and Importance Value (IV) of seedlings in mangrove forests of Mandul Island, East Kalimantan
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