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Oct 3, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Anker, Arthur; Firdaus, Muhammad; Pratama, Idham Sumarto, 2018, "Salmoneus yoyo nov. sp., a peculiar new infaunal shrimp from Lombok, Indonesia (Decapoda, Caridea, Alpheidae)",, RIN Dataverse, V2
An unusual new species of the alpheid shrimp genus Salmoneus Holthuis, 1955 is described from Sekotong Bay, southwestern Lombok, Indonesia. The holotype and single known specimen of Salmoneus yoyo sp. nov. was collected with a suction pump from a burrow of unknown host, on a seag...
Aug 13, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Rahayu, Dwi Listyo; Nugroho, Dharma Arif, 2018, "The Indonesian Species of Macrophthalmus Desmarest, 1823, with The Description of a New Species (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura: Macrophthalmidae)",, RIN Dataverse, V2
Fourteen species of Macrophthalmus Desmarest, 1823, are reported from Indonesia, of which two species, Macrophthalmus (Macrophthalmus) abbreviatus Manning & Holthuis, 1981, and M. (Macrophthalmus) sulcatus malaccensis Tweedie, 1937, are recorded for the first time from the region...
Jul 29, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Ng, Peter K. L.; Rahayu, Dwi Listyo, 2018, "Notes on Hexapodidae (Crustacea, Brachyura) from Indonesia and Malaysia, with Description of a New Species of Mariaplax Rahayu & Ng, 2014, from Lombok, Indonesia",, RIN Dataverse, V1
The male of Hexapinus latipes (De Haan, 1835), so far known only from female specimens, is described based on the material reported by De Man (1888) as “Hexapus sexpes”. Material referred to “Hexapus sexpes” by Tesch (1918) is shown instead to belong to Hexapinus simplex Rahayu &...
Jul 29, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Anker, Arthur; Pratama, Idham Sumarto; Firdaus, Muhammad; Rahayu, Dwi Listyo, 2018, "On Some Interesting Marine Decapod Crustaceans (Alpheidae, Laomediidae, Strahlaxiidae) from Lombok, Indonesia",, RIN Dataverse, V1
Several rare or uncommon, mostly infaunal decapod crustaceans are reported from intertidal and shallow subtidal habitats of Lombok, Indonesia. The alpheid shrimps Alpheus angustilineatus Nomura & Anker, 2005, Athanas shawnsmithi Anker, 2011, Jengalpheops rufus Anker & Dworschak,...
May 1, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Rahayu, Dwi Listyo; K.L. Ng, Peter, 2018, "Two New Species of Indopinnixa Manning & Morton, 1987 (Crustacea: Brachyura: Pinnotheridae) from Lombok, Indonesia",, RIN Dataverse, V1
Two new species of pinnotherid crabs of the genus Indopinnixa Manning & Morton, 1987, are described from the island of Lombok, Indonesia. Indopinnixa kasijani n. sp. and I. moosai n. sp. differ from the two known congeners, I. sipunculana Manning & Morton, 1987, and I. mortoni Da...
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