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Jun 24, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Utami, Nanda, 2018, "Impatiens talakmauensis (Balsaminaceae), a New Species from Western Sumatra, Indonesia",, RIN Dataverse, V2
Impatiens talakmauensis Utami (Balsaminaceae), a new species from Pasaman (Mt. Talakmau) western Sumatra, Indonesia, is newly described. It is characterized by yellow flowers, united lateral petals, reddish purple flushed veins of the lateral petals and the lower sepal. The lower...
Jun 22, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Kadarusman; Hadiaty, Renny K.; Segura, Gilles; Setiawibawa, Gigih; Caruso, Domenico; Pouyaud, Laurent, 2018, "Four New Species of Rainbowfishes (Melanotaeniidae) from Arguni Bay, West Papua, Indonesia",, RIN Dataverse, V2
Four new species of Rainbowfishes are described from the Arguni region. These species are allied to the species already known from the Bomberai Peninsula and the Bird’s Neck, namely Melanotaenia ammeri, M. irianjaya, M. kokasensis, M. parva and M. angfa. The new species M. urisa...
Jun 7, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Rahmadi, Cahyo; Harvey, M. S.; Kojima, J., 2018, "Whip Spiders Of The Genus Sarax Simon 1892 (Amblypygi: Charinidae) From Borneo Island",, RIN Dataverse, V2
Five species of the whip spider genus Sarax are recognized from Borneo, with the following four species newly described: Sarax yayukae sp. nov. from Sabah (Malaysia), West and Central Kalimantan (Indonesia), and three species from East Kalimantan, S. cavernicola sp. nov., S. sang...
May 29, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Riyanto, Awal; M Bauer, Aaron; Satria Yudha, Donan, 2018, "A New Small Karst-Dwelling Species Of Cyrtodactylus (Reptilia: Squamata: Gekkonidae) From Java, Indonesia",, RIN Dataverse, V1
A new small karst-dwelling species of the genus Cyrtodactylus is described from East Java and Special Province of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Cyrtodactylus semiadii sp. nov. is a small species (SVL to 47.1 mm in females, 42.1 mm in males)distinguished from all other congeners by uniqu...
May 9, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Prawiradilaga, Dewi Malia; Baveja, Pratibha; Suparno; Ashari, Hidayat; Rong Ng, Nathaniel Sheng; Gwee, Chyi Yin; Verbelen, Philippe; Rheindt, Frank Erwin, 2018, "A Colourful New Species Of Myzomela Honeyeater From Rote Island In Eastern Indonesia",, RIN Dataverse, V1
The avifauna of Rote Island in the Lesser Sundas is not well studied and generally considered to be similar to that of adjacent Timor Island. However, some cases of bird endemism have recently been documented on this island. A population of Myzomela honeyeater is one such example...
May 1, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Rahayu, Dwi Listyo; K.L. Ng, Peter, 2018, "Two New Species of Indopinnixa Manning & Morton, 1987 (Crustacea: Brachyura: Pinnotheridae) from Lombok, Indonesia",, RIN Dataverse, V1
Two new species of pinnotherid crabs of the genus Indopinnixa Manning & Morton, 1987, are described from the island of Lombok, Indonesia. Indopinnixa kasijani n. sp. and I. moosai n. sp. differ from the two known congeners, I. sipunculana Manning & Morton, 1987, and I. mortoni Da...
Mar 8, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Ardi, W.H.; Ardaka, I. M.; Hartutiningsih; Lugrayasa, I.N.; Thomas, D.C., 2018, "Two New Species of Begonia (Begoniaceae) from Sulawesi, Indonesia",, RIN Dataverse, V1
Two new species of Begonia (Begoniaceae), Begonia gambutensis Ardi & D.C. Thomas and Begonia siregarii Ardi & D.C. Thomas and Begonia siregarii Ardi & D.C. Thomas, are described from material collected on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Both species belong to Begonia section P...
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