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PNG Image - 22.1 KB - MD5: 46ed2a559056c9b99a1de20a34b0f6d9
Germination percentage of Pittosporum pullifolium at different period of Cold Stratification and light.
PNG Image - 199.4 KB - MD5: ab71c4a050ff132944d3665d0a947e3d
Germination phase in Pittosporum pullifolium, from the elongation of radicle and emergence of cotyledon (left), the opening of photosynthetic cotyledonary leaves (middle), and eophyll flushes (right).
PNG Image - 157.4 KB - MD5: 570c3f81046a63b523b2a99e8b5f64b8
Germination percentage of Pittosporum spicessence sown in Wamena, where maternal/origin site and germination/sowing temperature are very similar, and in Bogor, its non–native range.
PNG Image - 37.3 KB - MD5: 6ff0e9c1b0f1659823a9c40b3bf79975
The comparison of germination start and seedling vigor of Pittosporum spicessens endemic Papuan species, sown under in situ maternal temperature (Wamena) and ex situ temperature (Bogor)
PNG Image - 43.3 KB - MD5: d7c811ab9aefddf37168f5329ff705b4
File data tabel mengenai prosentase agenda yang perlu dibahas dalam sidang istimewa MPR tahun 1998. Data bersumber dari Resources Productivity Center tahun 1999. File dalam format .PNG dan dapat dibuka menggunakan aplikasi image viewer
PNG Image - 48.6 KB - MD5: eec5b13bae8f9158814c208125df3f1f
File data tentang rincian anggaran negara untuk 1 orang anggota DPR RI pada tahun 1999. File dalam format .PNG dan dapat dibuka menggunakan aplikasi image viewer
PNG Image - 44.6 KB - MD5: 7ff986195a8042a63df78d77afaf5dd6
File data tentang grafik batang komposisi keanggotaan DPR RI periode 1999-2004 per bulan September 1998. Data diolah dari Bagian Kepegawaian Setjen MPR/DPR RI.
PNG Image - 48.2 KB - MD5: 77983814a2af235ed12f2836ec7b2a8e
PNG Image - 44.6 KB - MD5: b9e55ba9155c010268be4dd642f792f2
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