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JPEG Image - 57.5 KB - MD5: 554349042a52dec2dea42b1868e5e99d
Figure 10. Output of sea vertical temperature profile TRITON buoy by Surfer.
JPEG Image - 38.3 KB - MD5: 47e110b16ab7b6c98161c8e29ee8e0d5
Map of location TRITON buoy observation east season seasons 2002.
JPEG Image - 38.5 KB - MD5: e72372a3c3faa624f665096d83a368a6
Map of location TRITON buoy observation west and east season 2007.
JPEG Image - 57.3 KB - MD5: ffeea1903bfcc808d23b92da07840f54
JPEG Image - 39.5 KB - MD5: 8768d747a0fe572961b0e071542745b6
Figure 4. Monthly SST in November 2002.
JPEG Image - 45.7 KB - MD5: f405fffd58ab7455699cf5bb643155c0
Figure 5. SST of TRITON buoy.
JPEG Image - 41.0 KB - MD5: 4d233c46a96a029b8253d2938f71e161
The output of the sea vertical temperature profile of TRITON buoy (a) by ER.Mapper 6.4 and (b) by Excel.
JPEG Image - 35.1 KB - MD5: 9b3590acbfd07625af142d84722c555a
Tabel 1.The Range between SST MODIS image and TRITON buoy
JPEG Image - 41.1 KB - MD5: cdb56067283178e13d9839d2219ec1ea
Gambar 1. Lokasi pengambilan sampel kerang darah (Anadara antiquata) di perairan Pulau Auki, Kepulauan Padaido, Biak, Papua
JPEG Image - 78.4 KB - MD5: 3c30e9b5f9506437609b90de63591cf4
Tabel 1. Nisbah kelamin kerang darah (Anadara antiquata) jantan dan betina pada setiap waktu pengambilan sampel pada habitat pasir dan lamun di perairan Pulau Auki.
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