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JPEG Image - 78.4 KB - MD5: 3c30e9b5f9506437609b90de63591cf4
Tabel 1. Nisbah kelamin kerang darah (Anadara antiquata) jantan dan betina pada setiap waktu pengambilan sampel pada habitat pasir dan lamun di perairan Pulau Auki.
JPEG Image - 118.0 KB - MD5: 6a253646739d673e04c9315d16a46fe7
Tabel 2. Fekunditas telur kerang darah (Anadara antiquata) pada habitat pasir dan lamun di perairan Pulau Auki
JPEG Image - 65.6 KB - MD5: 9b3485918b24fe467919ae9954383568
Tabel 3. Persentase kisaran diameter telur kerang darah (A. antiquata) di perairan Pulau Auki Kepulauan Padaido Biak Papua pada habitat pasir dan lamun (TKG III dan IV)
JPEG Image - 53.4 KB - MD5: da267aea3426d832d1608b50e9493073
Fig. 1. Murraya cyclopensis. A. Habit; B. Flower; C. Corolla; D. Stamens; E. Stigma and style; F. Immature fruit; G. Seeds. Source of materials: Frisca Damayanti 009 and Inggit Pudji Astuti IP 1174. (Drawing by Anne Kusumawaty)
JPEG Image - 144.5 KB - MD5: 5ac7a90d14851494d4327e8692fcc8d4
Table 1. Comparison of Murraya cyclopensis, M. paniculata, M. euchrestifolia and M. crenulata
JPEG Image - 160.9 KB - MD5: b23024b0dee8989c32f59424eda23106
Table 1. List of bamboos in Papua, Indoneisa based on Herbarium Bogoriense specimens and its distribution (several data based on references).
JPEG Image - 119.9 KB - MD5: c045a4d7415af274ffb8f9f8d3f330f4
Table 1. List of bamboos in Papua, Indoneisa…..continued
JPEG Image - 143.4 KB - MD5: 62969e85cdf043a5aa720bf762917145
Figure 1. - Type localities of the 24 valid Melanotaenia species and the eight new species from the Birds Head region
JPEG Image - 226.4 KB - MD5: fa332852b094530dba602c36268ac74d
Table I. - Rainbowfish species used in the barcode phylogenetic analysis and in the microsatellite marker genotyping; *, type locality; NCOI, sample size for barcode; GenBank # COI, accession number for barcode sequence; NSSR, sample size for microsatellite markers.
JPEG Image - 71.6 KB - MD5: 4334db91b0213c9c28c9402923ba0366
Figure 2. - Maximum likelihood tree for Birds Head region Melanotaenia species based on analysis of partial COI sequences (650 bp). Bootstrap values obtained for ML on 500 replicates and for NJ (within brackets).
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