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JPEG Image - 152.4 KB - MD5: 174a99bcaaed3fcb01d4f8038cb5bc26
Appendix. – Morphometric data for 20 Melanotaenia species from West Papua. Refer to Allen and Hadiaty (2013) and Allen et al. (2014a, b) for morphometric data corresponding to M. sneideri, M. flavipinnis, M. ericrobertsi and M. laticlavia.
PNG Image - 437.8 KB - MD5: dbe92bfb9c1aaee52b5312c0af4931ec
FIGURE 1.Dorsal a) and ventral b) views of holotype (AMS R135519) of Cyrtodactylus boreoclivus sp. nov. Scale = 20 mm.
PNG Image - 418.2 KB - MD5: 41e42f8de40664421ec07426a99a1071
FIGURE 2. Details of cloacal region of holotype (AMS R135519) of Cyrtodactylus boreoclivus sp. nov. Extent and position of precloacal pore series indicated by small arrows, and femoral pore series by large arrows. Scale = 10 mm.
PNG Image - 344.9 KB - MD5: b2c5a4fc59e7b1c7df8bb48732f999f7
FIGURE 3. Dorsal view of paratypes of Cyrtodactylus boreoclivus sp. nov. showing variation in colour pattern (labels on specimens are all field numbers). From left to right MZB lace 7474 (F-num SJR 13593), MZB lace 7475 (F-num SJR 13594), SJR 13613, SJR 13592. Scale = 20 mm.
PNG Image - 493.6 KB - MD5: 4d02a08b07bbd70e8dfdef014e57ecad
FIGURE 4. Photographs in life of paratypes of Cyrtodactylus boreoclivus sp. nov. from the Foja Mountains A) MZB lace 7474, and B) SJR13613 . Photographs courtesy T. Laman and National Geographic.
PNG Image - 345.9 KB - MD5: b0d8ac77b69136cd25a61b87a658eb87
FIGURE 5. Map of northern New Guinea showing type locality (square) and paratypic locality (star) for Cyrtodactylus boreoclivus sp. nov.
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