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Dec 28, 2020 - Jurnal Accountability Dataverse
Wokas, Heince R. N.; Saerang, David P.E.; Tinangon, Jantje J; Saerang, Ivonne S., 2020, "Accountability requirements, auditing performance, and gender",, RIN Dataverse, V1
The purpose of this study is to identify the different types of accountability requirements and to determine whether the workload and pressure of accountability requirements affect the auditing performance of the internal auditors' Government Internal Supervisory Apparatus (or ca...
Aug 26, 2020 - Going Concern: Jurnal Riset Akuntansi Dataverse
Gerung, Ireyne R.; Kalangi, Lintje; Pusung, Rudy J., 2020, "Analisis tingkat efisiensi belanja langsung pada sekretariat daerah Kota Tomohon",, RIN Dataverse, V1
Budget is important to help all activities carried out in the company or agency. The purpose of this study is to know the level of direct spending management efficiency. The method of this study is a qualitative with descriptive method. The results show that the efficiency levels...
Aug 18, 2020 - Going Concern: Jurnal Riset Akuntansi Dataverse
Chandra, Vionalisa; Ilat, Ventje; Kalalo, Meily Y. B., 2020, "Penerapan perlakuan akuntansi aset tetap berdasarkan PSAK No. 16 pada Hotel Arviel Gorontalo",, RIN Dataverse, V1
Assets remain the most important part in supporting the company's operational activities, especially for companies engaged in the hotel industry. Therefore, it is necessary to have an appropriate fixed asset accounting policy in accordance with PSAK No. 16. This study aims to det...
Aug 3, 2020 - Going Concern: Jurnal Riset Akuntansi Dataverse
Nindy Vannesya Budiman; Herman Karamoy; Victorina Z. Tirayoh, 2020, "Analisis sistem pengendalian internal atas penjualan kredit pada PT. Rajawali Nusindo Cabang Manado",, RIN Dataverse, V1
An internal control system for credit sales is needed to support the continuity operation of the company. By good internal recovery, credit sales activities can avoid the risks that cause losses. The objective of this study is to analyze the internal control system for credit sal...
Jul 16, 2020 - Going Concern: Jurnal Riset Akuntansi Dataverse
Valencia Matthew Anis; Harijanto Sabijono; Stanley Kho Walandouw, 2020, "Penerapan akuntansi lingkungan dalam hal pengelolaan limbah produksi pada perusahaan pengalengan ikan tuna PT. Samudra Mandiri Sentosa Bitung",, RIN Dataverse, V1
The purpose of this study is to investigate how the application of environmental accounting in terms of managing production waste in fish canning companies PT. Samudra Mandiri Sentosa Bitung. This study is qualitative research. This study uses primary data. Primary data were coll...
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