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Adobe PDF - 624.0 KB - MD5: 8942719333079bf3045260f4a6f0553f
A—B, flower (A, front view; B, side view). C—E, flattened sepals petals (C, petal; D, dorsal sepal; E, lateral sepal). F, column with sepals. G—H, column and column-foot (G, ventral view; H, side view). I, flattened labellum (without lip’s claw). J, plant. Drawn from living spec...
Dec 12, 2019 - Data AWS
Plain Text - 631.5 KB - MD5: 01ab2af0707f90d13646b153702ef3d0
Data AWS format ASCII
MS Word - 561.5 KB - MD5: 84a4517270cb9ec19366f6c542b15508
MS Word - 528.0 KB - MD5: 15a79d7f1b965a50b1fc4a53e45f7fbc
MS Word - 663.5 KB - MD5: 8be0ac74bc53e2d94f9b2acf0494ff68
MS Word - 605.5 KB - MD5: e7668f4e40f458c80b25b3fea4942160
MS Word - 379.5 KB - MD5: d1b58c8e4b9f2a11e493b60405f89d54
MS Word - 202.5 KB - MD5: f23f32d0d214b207717f7404bbd1b81d
MS Word - 352.0 KB - MD5: 4b492d7c394e0ab7233ce672b0e967c2
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