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JPEG Image - 85.7 KB - MD5: 62b655b07edf88a8794bd36ef86f3002
JPEG Image - 25.1 KB - MD5: 8c02e493eff0ee261ff572c5c8fde48b
Uji multikolinearitas penelitan untuk melihat tolerance dan VIF
JPEG Image - 27.0 KB - MD5: 000c645a6cb6161bf4b2a100383b474c
Hasil uji normalitas data penelitian menggunakan uji Kolmogorov-smirnov
JPEG Image - 65.5 KB - MD5: 3b0f33fd4eaa8e9d6069985ebb6de405
Hasil output estimasi regresi untuk mengetahu faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi kredit perorangan pada nasabah kredit PT. Bank Jateng
PNG Image - 244.0 KB - MD5: 61e8f12b8c6289b63d2cf11875b20388
JPEG Image - 73.6 KB - MD5: 1e8123757b8042f92a0cc54a08aa3b7d
Diagram batang rata-rata harga jual ikan asin di Kota Pekalongan Tahun 2013 dalam interval Rp 5.000 dan per jenis ikan yang diasinkan. File dalam format JPEG dan dapat dibuka menggunakan berbagai aplikasi image viewer
JPEG Image - 59.6 KB - MD5: b3a73e3fcfa7cf005419ff4b4544449a
Coomassie Briliant Blue stainning of One-Dimentional Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) of African tulip tree pollen at different stages; anthesis and before anthesis.
JPEG Image - 176.5 KB - MD5: 3b89438e8b1510d42f0f324199fa97dd
Electron micrographs of the orbicules which scattered on the surface of the innermost wall of the anther.
JPEG Image - 153.3 KB - MD5: 0726ae0848c1150f4b9ce29d18820086
Electron micrographs of the orbicules in the tapetal cells of African tulip tree flowers before anthesis.
JPEG Image - 53.6 KB - MD5: 988efa54b2dc648a4a495acc7430fc59
Electron micrographs of pro-orbicules (white arrow) lined on the surface of tapetal cells of African tulip tree
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