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PNG Image - 27.7 KB - MD5: ba87460c96230865f7e9ffe334919951
Environmental factors condition of acclimatization in Purwodadi Botanic Garden and Moyo Island
PNG Image - 90.7 KB - MD5: 9a392002d6e8e17276f880b3c72308c9
List of plant collection that were not able to adapt in Purwodadi Botanic Garden
PNG Image - 167.0 KB - MD5: b4e33e45c7873b1587aacc702a19613a
Gambar 2. Lokasi pengambilan sampel air di Danau Limboto, (Sumber: Lab. GIS Puslit Limnologi-LIPI).
PNG Image - 241.8 KB - MD5: 4d4cf9612c81221f406a19865f485f5d
Tabel 1. Kondisi lokasi pengambilan sampel air.
PNG Image - 117.9 KB - MD5: 153f0402dcf66345f5de06d9ba9d8742
Tabel 2. Konsentrasi hasil análisis parameter-parameter untuk perhitungan TSI CARLSON (1977) dan Indeks Pencemaran KIRCHOFF (1991).
PNG Image - 81.1 KB - MD5: ad207a626621d85efddd2ccaf41659aa
Tabel 3. Nilai TSI fosfor, TSI klorofil-a, dan TSI Secchi disk di Danau Limboto, September 2006
PNG Image - 69.9 KB - MD5: aaa7a036830e56edb2444854c9f11ed2
Tabel 4. Kriteria klasifikasi status trofik untuk perairan danau dan waduk
PNG Image - 710.5 KB - MD5: 43e9cac706e9b092ef419260c93c5dcc
Study sites of material sampling of Annonaceae species from East Java, Indonesia and conserved in PBG (symbol: red circle)
PNG Image - 780.6 KB - MD5: 307386677d55fb6fdd4de108ee766506
The character of inner petal as differences sub-family of Malmeoideae and Annonideae; a. Mitrephora polypyrena, b. Pseuduvaria reticulata, c. Orophea enneandra and d. Meiogyne cylindrocarpa - connate inner petal, e. Uvaria schizocalyx, f. Anomianthus dulcis, g. Mitrephora sp. a...
PNG Image - 1.8 MB - MD5: 13e7b1481de7856e7f35af5ec0763cbb
The character of habit as differences sub-family of Malmeoideae and Annonideae; A. Saccopetalum horsfieldii, B. Mitrephora polypyrena - habit of the tree, C. Uvaria schizocalyx, D. Mitrephora sp. - habit of woody climber
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