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PNG Image - 63.8 KB - MD5: 1149f5744688670762b96905c5d10d74
Table 3. Major herpetofauna habitats and species in Kerinci Seblat National Park (Jambi, West Sumatra, South Sumatra and Bengkulu Provinces), Sumatra
PNG Image - 97.2 KB - MD5: b49f8f46071e2092606f01eab6fc85ac
Table 2. Total list of reptiles species found in at 15 survey sites in KSNP (Jambi, West Sumatra, South Sumatra and Bengkulu Provinces), Sumatra. (+) species found; (-) species not found; (*) species endemic to Sumatra; (**) species has been described by Djoko Iskandar. Ta: Tapa...
JPEG Image - 93.4 KB - MD5: 552e431201daaa3e6ff3516a8d257d10
Table 2. Species distribution of Freycinetia in Indonesian New Guinea according to the three different location : North, Central Mountains and South of the Indonesian New Guinea ( + = present; - = absent).
JPEG Image - 21.8 KB - MD5: f57f66986e0282e224139d2db9feac79
Figure 5. Distribution of New Guinean species of Freycinetia. PNG is the standard.
JPEG Image - 152.8 KB - MD5: 74c007dd5cdcba3e9f6921de170a6f77
A. Freycinetia macrostachya B. Freycinetia tenuis C. Freycinetia stenophylla D. Freycinetia inermis
JPEG Image - 37.0 KB - MD5: c476647a50c9e599f8d2bb4e60f27392
Table 1. Distribution of the members of the infrageneric groups suggested in this current study (A = secondary forest; B = primary costal forest; B’ = primary forest, C = wet land area).
JPEG Image - 57.3 KB - MD5: d85883b8f9be3a0987ac13c06fe81b90
Figure 1. Distribution map of The Grass Like Group of Freycinetia 1. F. angusta, 2. F. angustissima, 3. F. brachyclada, 4. F. linearis, 5. F. pauciberria, 6. F. polyclada, 7. F. pseudoangustisimma, 8. F. stenophylla
JPEG Image - 39.2 KB - MD5: 0206bb0644f64eeb2502afc54104a3d0
Figure 2. Distribution of The Semi Imbricate Group of Freycinetia 1. F. ayawasa, 2. F. cryptocarpa, 3. F. erythospatha, 4. F. funicularis, 5. F. fusiforma, 6. F.gibbsiae , 7. F. hasteta, 8. F. imbristigma, 9. F. lateriflora, 10. F. magnoareola, 11. F. millikenus, 12. F. pleuran...
JPEG Image - 49.2 KB - MD5: 1ab8674dcdd525d0a79dc85970c9bbd6
Figure 3. Distribution map of the Non Imbricate Group of Freycinetia: 1. F.albaauria, 2. F. batantaensis, 3. F. biroi, 4. F. brasii, 5. F. chartacea, 6. F. concolor, 7. F. desendata, 8. F. ellipsoidalis, 9. F. flaviceps, 10. F. folitenela, 11. F. forbesii, 12. F. frutasolla, 13...
JPEG Image - 51.2 KB - MD5: 27164cd98e9b66206b99bc41a0fe4f46
Figure 4. Distribution map of Imbricate Freycinetia: 1. F. aculeatus, 2. F. andajensis, 3. F. arfakia, 4. F. archboldiana, 5. F. aurihasteta, 6. F. bicolor, 7. F. brevipedicelata, 8. F. clavata, 9. F. circuita, 10. F. concordia, 11. F. formosula, 12. F. Fibrosa, 13. F. frutaspi...
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