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Feb 24, 2020 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Widyatmoko, Didik, 2018, "Populasi, ko-okurensi dan preferensi habitat Areca macrocalyx di Pulau Waigeo - Papua Barat",, RIN Dataverse, V2
Penelitian status populasi dan preferensi habitat pinang Papuasia Areca macrocalyx Zippelius ex Blume di Pulau Waigeo (Papua Barat) telah dilakukan pada tahun 2012. Area studi telah mencakup berbagai tipe habitat dan asosiasi vegetasi: tepi sungai, lereng (punggung) bukit, puncak...
Jan 31, 2020 - Buku Dataverse
Lan, Thung Ju; Patji, Abdul Rachman; Soewarsono; Istiani; Nurhasim, Moch., 2018, "Penyelesaian konflik di Aceh: Aceh dalam proses rekonstruksi dan rekonsiliasi",, RIN Dataverse, V2
Penelitian tentang konflik di Aceh ini merupakan penelitian pada tahun ke tiga. Jika penelitian tahun pertama difokuskan pada konflik GAM NKRI, baik melalui analisis faktor faktor historis maupun masalah masalah yang lebih mutakhir, maka pada tahun kedua, diarahkan pada pembahasa...
Jan 9, 2020
Lestari, Puji, 2020, "Efficient Human Detection Algorithm using Color & Depth information with Accurate Outer Boundary Matching",, RIN Dataverse, V1
Foreground segmentation has a critical role in image processing and computer vision-based applications. Extracting accurate foreground pixels, especially in the boundary region is still an unsaturated area in image analysis. The proposed method explains a segmentation scheme to e...
Jan 9, 2020
Lestari, Puji, 2020, "Human Detection from RGB Depth Image using Active contour and Grow-cut Segmentation",, RIN Dataverse, V1
Computer vision based human detection systems are gaining much significance in modern security and surveillance systems. Recently, advanced camera sensors like Microsoft Kinect came to the scene and such devices are capable of detecting both color and depth details from a capture...
Jan 9, 2020
Lestari, Puji, 2020, "RGB-Depth Image Based Human Detection Using Viola-Jones and Chan-Vese Active Contour Segmentation",, RIN Dataverse, V1
Human detection refers to the process of detecting human region from an image or from video frames. Most of the recent advanced human detection systems use the segmentation scheme by incorporating the depth information of the scene. In such systems, the scene gets captured by a R...
Jan 9, 2020
Lestari, Puji, 2020, "Depth Data based Chroma Keying using Grab-cut Segmentation",, RIN Dataverse, V1
The research presents a depth-image based automatic object segmentation for chroma key editing in multimedia applications. Depth data taken from advanced depth data capturing devices like Microsoft Kinect has a key role in this research. The proposed approach uses both color and...
Jan 9, 2020 - Prosiding Dataverse
Lestari, Puji, 2020, "Human Detection from RGB Depth Image using Active contour and Grow-cut Segmentation",, RIN Dataverse, V1
In modern Security and Surveillance technologies, the significance of human detection and segmentation becomes having much importance. In addition to security systems, image/video editing applications demand semantic segmentation of foreground objects. For such high-quality appli...
Oct 8, 2019 - Prosiding Dataverse
Munawaroh, Esti; Aprilianti, Popi, 2018, "Eksplorasi Keanekaragaman Tumbuhan Anggrek di Kawasan Taman Nasional Bukit Barisan Selatan, Kab. Lampung Barat, Propinsi Lampung",, RIN Dataverse, V2
Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park is the representation of the Bukit Barisan mountainous range and has few types of vegetation, such as mangrove forest, beach forest, and tropical mountain forest in Sumatra. The national parks extends from Province of Bengkulu in north, follows...
Oct 4, 2019 - Prosiding Dataverse
Rahayu, Eka Martha Della; Isnaini, Yupi; Praptosuwiryo, Titien Ngatinem, 2018, "Induksi pembentukan sporofit pada massa prothallus pakis simpei (Cibotium barometz) secara in vitro",, RIN Dataverse, V2, UNF:6:Kty8zuelNwK5ZRIAvv59zA== [fileUNF]
The golden chicken fern, Cibotium barometz (L.) J. Sm.(Cibotiaceae), is an Indonesian tree fern with a high value as an export commodity due to its uses both for modern and traditional medicine. Its rhizomes and hairs are used as ingredients for treating liver and kidney diseases...
Oct 3, 2019 - Prosiding Dataverse
Sumanto, 2018, "Perbanyakan dan fenologi perkecambahan Palem Marquesas (Pelagodoxa Henryana BECC.)",, RIN Dataverse, V2
This palm native to Marquesas Island but condition of this plant is critical due to cutting and forest conversion into settlement and industry in this island. Number of this plant is to be decreasing in nature population fastly. Palm with scientific name Pelagodoxa henryana Becc....
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